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How to carry yourself


Carry yourself in a good manner, stand up tall and straight, don't get jittery and maintain eye contact while speaking.
Introspecting your thoughts before communication tells others that you are a self-confident person; it increases the chances that they'll belief you.
Speak softly and in a poised manner. Usage of appropriate grammar, avoid slang and speak in a normal, calm tone.
Are you worried that your words don’t match your intentions?  Your body language also helps you in relationships? Just try and project your best image.

We are not referring to your external physical appearance. We are mentioning to your innermost self, your philosophies.  How do you see yourself?  


What if you get to know those uncertainties and insecurities are more common than you think.  In fact, most people have them, even those who seem to always shine and do everything right. People who always says the right thing at the right moment.  The one everyone else wants to be around and appreciates.

Well, you’re no different.  You are perfectly capable of taking on new challenges and shine just like that person.  There is a huge difference in how you see yourself and how you project yourself.  You see, when you display self-confidence, you project a better image which leads to being better acknowledged of you image by others.

·         Show confidence
·         Carry yourself gracefully
·         Maintain the correct posture
·         Keep smiling
·         Make eye contact
·         Portray comfortable body language
·         Happy facial expressions  
·         Approachable attitude
On top of everything let people speak whatever they want to about you just stay calm composed and poised.
Keep shining and sprakling.


CTM Routine – The Basics of Skin Care

We often hear people saying that one should regularly follow CTM for a healthy skin .

However what is CTM?

CTM stands for Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing.

CTM regime is basically a skin care regime which involves Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. If you do it religiously you can achieve a healthy soft and supple skin.

We generally think that its makeup that spoils our face however it’s just a myth.

Reality is that lack of proper CTM regime is responsible for poor skin.

So let’s admit the fact that keeping that skin young and healthy is a fundamental key to beholding beauty for long.

If you love your skin and beauty then Cleansing, toning and moisturizing (CTM) routine should become a part of your life.

The correct way of cleansing your face:

First and the foremost thing is that clean religiously. Soap is a big No No 


as it tends to dry out the skin however use a good face wash on a daily basis. Of course  all make up lovers need to use an additional product like cleansing milk or oil to ensure that the makeup  products you have applied  on your face and neck come off stopping the blockage of the pores. 

This is termed as double cleansing.

Handy Tip: Any vegetable oil or baby oil are great makeup removers so use them instead as they nourish your skin too.


Pour some oil on a cotton swab. Massage your face and eyes with a generous amount of oil and leave it for 3-5 minutes to help oil loosen off the entire residue of all the products on your face. 

Clean all the extra oil with cotton and then use a face wash or cleanser. This is an easier way to remove the eye makeup too which is pretty stubborn as compared to the other products.


Some people think toning is entirely useless for the skin care but it has some elusive benefits for the skin which is visible in the longer run. 

There is vast variety of toners available in the market and their main function  is to be the remove the residual makeup  however ,once you double cleanse your face, your face is clean and no product remains to be removed.

So, what is the use of the toner now? Well, first of all, toners are supposed to add hydration to the skin to make it supple. So, avoid toners which have alcohol in them and buy only hydrating toners. They will help you to close your pores too.

The last step of our skin care routine is moisturizing,
No skin care routine is complete without this step. Moisturizing you face means using a product which will avoid the moisture loss from your skin by making a layer between your skin and the outside atmosphere so that your skin doesn’t feel dry and looks dull.
Every time apply moisturizer on damp skin to keep water inside the skin. And, choose a moisturizer permitting to your skin type. If your skin is dry or matured, you need a heavy moisturizer whereas for oily and combination skin, a light oil-free moisturizer would do.
No matter what your skin type is, never skip on moisturizer.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Beauty Tips to make hands more beautiful


Individuals are habitually careful about their hair and face yet overlook and lack to take proper care of their hands. Due to paying no attention to the care of hands, hands become hard and dull. The gloomy hands spoil your beauty. Due to not taking care of hands properly, the color of the hands becomes dark. If the hue of the hands is different than face it looks wired. To make your hands appear attractive, you can use homemade beauty products as well as home remedies.
You can start with some beauty tips to provide appropriate moisture to hands.
Also make a scrub at home for your hands.

Beauty tips for hands: Tips which make hands beautiful
·         Moisturize hands
·         Manicure
·         Wash hands with a mild wash
·         Exfoliate regularly
·         Massage
Nourish your hands with a nice moisturizer
Using a thick moisturizer on hands and your they will  remain hydrated as your hands also get sufficient nutrition.
Keep replenishing and moisturizing your hands to keep them soft and supple.

Manicure cleanses the dirt and grime off your hands and removes dead cells. In addition, manicure also exfoliates hands. For better results manicure  should be done at least once a month.
Wash hands

Try and wash your hands with lukewarm water
Whenever you wash your hands, keep in mind that the water is lukewarm. Light lukewarm water destroys bacteria and germs present in the hands and also protects from being dry. The right choice for soap helps keep your hands soft.
Exfoliate regularly

One must scrub hands at least once a week. Scrubbing /exfoliating terminates dead cells from your hands. Use olive oil and lemon juice to scrub.
Massaging is very important for hands as it improves blood circulation. Massage hands 5 minutes a day makes hands beautiful. Apart from this, massage the hands with the help of Vaseline every night.
You will have to follow beauty tips for beautiful hands. If you follow these tips, then not only your hands will get moisture but will also get very attractive.

An Introvert’s Guide to Becoming More Social

 “People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.” – Joseph F Newton

What does it mean when a person is an introvert?

Introvert comes from Latin intro-, "inward," and vertere, "turning." It describes a person who inclines to turn inward mentally. Introverts sometimes avoid large groups of people, feeling more energized by time alone. The opposite of an introvert is an extrovert, who finds energy in interactions with others.
Introvert mean shy and timid

Is the world custom-made for extroverts?
Yes it is. It’s unquestionably cooler to be a confident person who knows how to express his feelings and say directly what you think.

 You must have heard your teachers saying: “Be pleasant and polite; people will notice you and your values.” That’s not true at all! If you want to achieve something at school or at work, you have to know how to characterize your principles fine.

Being social and a good communicator can open many doors and simply make you happier.

It took a lot of exercise and mental work to become more social.  It’s not a process that’s gifted overnight. It’s a process of  self-motivating and implants  in many small steps

Start small

Taking sudden huge steps will not help. To become more social you need to learn how to enlarge and expand your comfort zone, gradually. If you have an inclination to do things alone or with an old friend, just try going a step further.  Go to a place where there’ll be sufficient people you don’t know well.  Don’t sit in a circle and talk to only the people you know. Use gatherings with friends as an chance to talk to people who are in your circle but you don’t are not familiar with them.
Interact with unfamiliar people

Master interacting with people you’re unfamiliar with so you can speak to people who you actually want to get to know later. Find your own way to approach strangers and open your mind to them.

 Don’t get overwhelmed by those who speak too much

You must have heard “barking dogs seldom bite?” Don’t let yourself believe that people who speak too much are the only ones who have anything really important to say. It’s high time for you to believe that you do too.

Learn to act like likeable people do

If you want encouragement for becoming attractive and more social you need positive feedback from others. There are certain things all likeable people have in common. Try to incorporate some new ways of communication.

Smile a lot. There’s no person in the world who doesn’t like an honest smile. If you’re not used to it, train in front of the mirror every day.
Speak loud and clear so people don’t have to struggle to understand what you’re saying.

 Don’t be afraid of silence and don’t control yourself all the time
Follow these tips and convert yourself into an extrovert from an introvert .
Live life to the fullest .

How to carry yourself

            Carry yourself in a good manner, stand up tall and straight, don't get jittery and maintain eye contact while spe...